Monday, 21 December 2009

My Plan

I figured to find out what i need to know i am going to need to travel and have access to places normal people cannot get into. I need an absurd amount of funding. I am already interested in business, i am currently managing a £40,000 project, which i own. I am going to have to become either insanely wealthy or have a huge network of people across the world, or even both. So today i start, my funds are building but my network is not. From now on i am gathering my own teachings, not to be strictly followed as they will only highlight the fragility of society.

My organisation is born.

Christianity and My Quest

Western life in its entirety is based on Christian teachings. Law, schools, how people think and even what is, or is not, moral. When i discovered what i did it made me question every aspect of my life, even how i think and feel.

It started with Christmas, as we all know this is one of the main dates on a western calender, every child dreams of this day. I knew that Christianity latched their "Christmas" to another popular celebration of the time to gain members. I also found out that Christianity adopted other popular words and trends. Such as the word Satan. Satan means "the accuser", the Jews called God it for a while after not saving them in some situation, it then became popular to call god by this name and then the christians adopted the popular word and changed the meaning, just as they did with the Christmas celebration. This made me think about what else the Christians had adopted and made up. I could not trust anything that was based on Christianity, not even my life.

Since my early years i was taught by Christian values, i was taught what was right and wrong. I could not trust that this was actually what is right and wrong. I couldn't trust how i acted and thought and i could not bear to listen what was right and wrong from my parents and teachers who were blindly following what they were taught from when they were young, they did not know what the hell they were talking about and when i confronted them and told them so i am punished as i am wrong even though i have more knowledge and information on the subject. I wiped my slate clean, nothing was immoral, nothing was true, there was nothing that could not be changed.

I started to look for organisations, or even other people that thought the same way as me. I looked at everything, freemasons, knights templar, hashshashin. I could not find any existing groups that thought my way, that looked at life in the same way and certainly not anyone that could reveal the secrets of society, where it originated and why religion surfaced.

So today my quest continues. I am trying to find a group of like minded people and trying to discover at least my family origins if not the origins of society. I am forced to live a life by Christian laws and rules but still try and find my answers.


I really enjoyed life, as it was before i started to dig deeper.

Ever since i was young, i have enjoyed food, parties, friends, family, money and western life in general. But recently, after a conversation with my cousin, i discovered we had a freemason in the family, high ranking but a distant relative. This then made me look into freemasonry when bored one sunday afternoon. I discovered the historic legacy of the masons, their mixed up origins presented me a mystery that intrigued me. From that sunday on I had gained an obsession with freemasonry, secret societies and secrets themselves. I started to look at consipracies, of all types, new and old. I looked at the anthony babington plot as he shared the same name as half of my family. I started to look at possibilities, he was working with Mary Queen of Scots, who lived at a Statley Home in Leeds, near where i live. This got me thinking that if he came up here with his family, that is where my family may have come from. This was proven wrong as he had 2 girls, even if they did have kids it is unlikely they would have had the babington name.

I then moved on. I looked at society. Which is based on Christian values. And what i found gave me a different perspective on life itself.